Free Craft Talk: Sudden Fiction

a 75-minute discussion by WriteByNight instructor Cecily Sailer

In this installment of the In Short Fiction Workshop, a bimonthly boot camp for writers of short fiction, WriteByNight instructor, coach and consultant Cecily Sailer discusses sudden fiction through the lens of five short-short stories: Tobias Wolff's "Powder," Peter Orner's "The Raft," Dorthe Nors' "Do You Know Jussi?", and Susan Steinberg's "Mutual Destruction" and "Signified."

In This Recording, You'll Learn:

  • How shorter-form stories differ from traditional short stories
  • How to utilize language and sentence precision in shorter-form stories
  • How to approach a shorter-form story as a writer
  • What makes shorter-form stories meaningful for readers

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